Concerts in San Diego

Concerts in San Diego - Find a San Diego Concert Tonight!Let’s kick you off with some amazing concerts happening all over San Diego. We will make this simple for you. Use our table of contents to help you find the genre of concert you want to check out. There are plenty of options to choose from plus a whole lot more that aren’t listed. Getting tickets is half the battle so whether you are looking for a concert tonight, this weekend, or six months from now, you should be able to find it.

Pop Concerts

In San Diego, pop concerts are a highlight, drawing crowds with their catchy tunes and lively performances. These events feature a mix of well-known artists and up-and-coming performers. Whether you’re planning a weekend outing or looking for a spontaneous musical adventure, the city’s pop music scene is ready to please. Check out the latest Pop Concerts in San Diego

Rock Concerts

San Diego’s rock scene offers a mix of performances. Among the city’s own, artists like Switchfoot and Jason Mraz have made some local history on the scene. San Diego offers fans a chance to see such artists alongside a variety of rock acts all around the city. San Diego is a key spot for those looking to head out for the night with live rock music. Be sure to check out the latest rock events in San Diego.

Country and Folk Concerts

San Diego has a great scene for country and folk music. The city’s venues host an array of concerts featuring both new artists as well as seasoned professionals. For fans looking to find themselves in a country and folk scene, San Diego provides an array of opportunities. You can see the upcoming country concerts in San Diego in real-time.

Hip/Hop & Rap Concerts

San Diego’s calendar is filled with upcoming hip-hop concerts. These events provide fans with plenty of good times listening to their favorite artists. Whether you’re interested in attending a show at one of the city’s small venues or a larger concert hall, the listings offer an overview of what the hip-hop scene in San Diego has to offer. Stay updated with us for the latest on hip-hop concerts across the city. Be sure to check the latest hip/hop concerts that are scheduled.

R&B Concerts

R&B fans looking to see a concert in San Diego are in luck. We provide details on dates, venues, and ticket availability for shows all around the San Diego area. Check our listings regularly to stay updated on the R&B concerts happening around the city. Learn more about how you can get R&B concert tickets in San Diego right now.

Dance – House and Techno Events

For those interested in dance music and techno events in San Diego, you’ll have plenty of options each month. San Diego hosts a variety of dance and techno events all around the area. You may find small venues up to large music festivals. Our event listings are regularly updated. You can see who is coming to San Diego this weekend.

Hard Rock Concerts

For people who love hard rock, San Diego provides plenty of places to see a live show. The scene around town is fairly strong with plenty of venues willing to hold events. Keep an eye on our listings to stay informed about the hard rock concerts happening in the city. You can see which hard rock concerts are coming up this week and beyond.

Latin Music

For people who love Latin music, the scene in San Diego is the perfect spot for any of the upcoming concerts. San Diego’s music scene has plenty of Latin influences which brings all kinds of genres within the Latin scene. You can check our updated list of all the Latin concerts happening in San Diego.

Blues and Jazz Concerts

San Diego’s blues and jazz scene is growing each year. There are plenty of spots around town for people to take in the sound of blues and jazz. With our listings, you can find the next show near you. There are plenty of options to consider so be sure to check out something soon.

K-pop Concerts

K-pop concerts in San Diego aren’t that common but when they do happen you’ll want to know about it. San Diego’s venues have hosted several performances in the past and will continue to do so as tours get announced. You can check and see if there are any K-pop concerts in San Diego this year.

San Diego Music Festivals

San Diego might be one of the best places to catch a music festival. Each festival is unique which many people like since they don’t always want to see the same thing. You can check out the list of music festivals in San Diego. You will then have the pleasure of selecting which one to go to.

Other Concerts

San Diego’s music scene is growing each year. With new and existing venues bringing in talent from all over the world, there is no stopping the future lineups. Although we mentioned many different genres, you still have opportunities to see classical orchestras, reggae bands, indie gigs, and so much more. You can check some of the other concerts happening in San Diego to see if something piques your interest.

You also have Alternative concerts, Reggae concerts, and World Music concerts that are worth checking out each week. See what is playing this weekend in San Diego.

Let’s Go

You are now ready to head out to one of the many different concerts around the San Diego area. We went through a strong portion of concert genres you’ll run across and we know there are a ton more events at many of the different locations. San Diego concerts will continue to thrive so get out there and have a great time.